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retreats and residencies for artists and writers

Atelier de la Rose
66 Place de la Bastide,
46700 Montcabrier
tel : 05 65 24 66 36
cell : 06 87 82 33 18

Artist’s and writer’s retreats and residencies have been a part of Atelier de la Rose for some 20 years. This service is for amateurs and professionals alike, for people who are motivated and independent. A residency or a retreat is a creative break that lasts from just one day to six weeks.

There is one studio, which is the working space for writers as much as it is for artists. It is exclusively yours. It is next to the guest wing consisting of two double-bedded rooms, a small sitting room with a fridge and Wifi, a spacious bathroom and a separate toilet.  The guest wing is also exclusively yours.

What is a retreat?  A retreat is for an artist or writer who may only want the studio for a short period.  This offers maximum flexibility for a supplement of 30 euros per day or 150 euro for a week.  Here are some examples:

(1) an artist books a room for three nights and uses the studio for two days (costing:  155 euros for the guest wing accommodation with breakfasts and 60 euros for the studio, making a total of 215 euros);

(2) a writer comes with his/her partner for 7 nights, the writer spends three days working on his/her creative project in the studio (costing:  385 euros for accommodation with breakfasts for the couple and 90 euros for the studio, which makes a total of 475 euros);

(3) an artist rents the studio only, while staying in accommodation elsewhere, for 2 weeks.  Total cost:  300 euros.

What is a residency? A residency is for those who want a more intensive creative break from one to six weeksAn artist or a writer stays on a half-board basis and enjoys Sally’s home cooking based on fresh local produce. Companions are always welcome.

Art in the region.  This part of southwest France has a long tradition of attracting artists and writers. It is here that paintings made about 29,000 years ago can be found. The co-founder of the Surrealist movement, André Breton, chose to live in the area. Henry Miller writes about it in «The Colossus of Maroussi»: «To me this river, this country …. is the country of enchantment which poets have staked out and which they alone may lay claim to. It is the nearest thing to Paradise this side of Greece».

The region is rich in historic sites, such as the Paleolithic cave at Pech Merle and the Toulouse Lautrec Museum at Albi. Guided visits can be arranged during your stay for a supplement.


The studio is a conversion of a centuries-old stone house with a terracotta-tiled floor and oak-beamed ceiling. The floor area is 7 x 5 metres; the height is 2.5 metres. Daylight illumination is by three sets of French windows. Supplementary lighting is by fluorescent tubes and halogen spotlights.

The French windows open out in three directions, thus offering a considerable extension of available working space in fine weather.

Easels, trestles, drawing boards, folding chairs, sketching stools, a large table and a couch are provided.  A wide range of acrylic paints have been “bequeathed” by various artists over the years and these are available in the studio.  Heating is included in the price.

The village bakery sells a range of foods and drinks for a picnic, and there is a small fridge in the guest wing sitting room where you can store your purchases.  If you book a residency lunch or dinner with wine is provided for you. These meals are included in our rates.  Residencies are on a half-board basis. Please refer to the «tariff» page for more information.

The studio is not available from 15th November to 15th March.

STUDIO AVAILABILITY IN 2023 (update 11/09/2023).

The studio is available during the dates shown :  17 October – 15 November.